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Hi, I’m Emily - mother, wife, probation and parole agent, lover of peacocks, cook fanatic, and child of God! I’m just a blessed-blonde girl who loves her faith, family, and food. In that order. I wanted to start a blog to share my journey, my fam-craved recipes, and honestly? The “real scoop” on motherhood. Here you’ll find tips, tricks, how-to’s, family craved recipes, DIY’s, and everything in between. So kick back, relax, and follow along with me and my family on our crazy journey! Heck, hide in the bathroom for a hot minute moms and dads (I know some days I have to) and enjoy! 

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Our story begins in an old schoolhouse home in a little country town  in Eldorado, Wisconsin. Population: 1,463. Most of those numbers consist of 4H club members, farmers, and volunteer firemen. 
The Buckarma Family, Population: 5. My Dad, Mom, and two little sisters. My parents wanted us to live our childhood in the country, and it was the best decision they ever made. The old schoolhouse was by far the greatest place to grow up; acres of land and field, hills to roll down on a chilly fall day, a forty-yard vegetable and fruit garden, and my favorite of all, the big ol’ tire swing. Our home was my own personal slice of heaven growing up. My Dad was an auto mechanic, built his business and shop from the ground up on our property. My Mom, a stay at home mom, and a good one at best. She was so creative with us girls growing up, teaching us to bake, how to can food, all the way down to making homemade ice cream every Sunday while watching the sun glow on the golden fields as it set. My two little sisters, thick as thieves (and still are to this day I may add) were your typical “annoying” little sisters who would follow you around, but you got to love them. Everything was right in the world, perfect even...

One night, 2011, I hear Mom and Dad arguing... After many, many nights of rubbing my crying mothers back, we left. My own personal slice of heaven, gone, ripped right through my fingers. We moved back to the city, North Fond du Lac. That summer my Mom met Randy. Randy and his daughter came into our lives unexpectedly and eagerly took us in and helped my mother and us girls get back on our feet. Six of us in a one bedroom apartment, to say it was a challenge is an understatement, but we made it work. Randy and Mom began to build a strong connection with one another. 

At this time I was so angry, mad at the world, my Mom, my Dad, even God. My Dad didn’t want to be a part of my life, he gave up on me. My Mom took me from my personal slice of heaven, and God, why would he let this happen? I never thought this could happen, to my perfect family? No. Why me? Why us? I began to act out. I began to smoke cigarettes at 15. I swiftly moved onto drinking and drugs. Anything that a 15 year old could get their hands on is what I used. I became severely depressed. The light was drained right from me. Some days, I woke the next morning clenched to a bottle in an unknown house not knowing where I was or who the people next to me were. I didn’t have a care in the world. I wasn’t thinking. I wasn’t me

By this time, My Mom and Randy married in 2012. Randy and I grew closer as he become a mentor and father figure to me. He tried to steer me in the right direction during my rebellious teen years, but let’s be honest, who listens to their parents at that age? I used to come home high everyday, and there he was, side by side with my Mom with open arms waiting for a hug. Randy accepted me as his own, no matter how disappointed he was in me. He always made sure to remind me he was there for me.

Fast forwarding through our story... 2014, I just graduated high school and turned 18. What could go wrong, right? I met a boy online, packed my bags, and moved to Michigan. Only to be cheated on eight months later... with my best friend. At this time I didn’t know who to turn to or what to do. I asked God again; Why me? What did I do to deserve this? I began to drink again. This time like never before, I partied until the sun came up, consuming a bottle of vodka a night, sometimes even more. Truth be told, I don’t know where I was or who I was with for a week straight after my breakup. One day I woke up, and said enough is enough. I came home. Randy and my Mom welcomed me home with open arms. In that moment I finally realized, it wasn’t the old school house and the life that came along with it, it was family that was my home. 

Summer of 2015, I get a text from a friend saying to come outside. I go outside, and there stands my friend, her boyfriend, and... Emil. I was a bit confused, but we talked, exchanged hellos, and numbers. Later that week I decided to make the move to text him. This man fought for me when I was skeptical to open my heart again, stood by my side through some of the toughest times of my life. He introduced me to new things, and showed me love. We fell in love, bought a house together, and the rest is history. 

Fall of 2016, I woke up with a real bad stomach ache, so I decided to head to the doctor. “It’s positive, you’re pregnant” my doctor said. I was over joyed and a bit speechless to say the least. I remember the drive home from the clinic holding my belly thanking God for this wonderful blessing. 

August 1, 2017 our boy was finally here, Colton Joseph Schwitzer. The love I felt in my soul the moment I laid eyes on him was, extraordinary. I found it, at last, my purpose. Being his mother was His plan all along. I just had to go through many trials and tribulations to lead me to him. I took some time off work and stayed home with Colton for about a year. During this time I developed severe post pardum depression. I laid in bed, sobbed for days on end. It wasn’t Colton or Emil. It was this darkness that just clouded over me. One day, I was cleaning out my end table and saw my Bible sitting there. I opened it and saw: 
Isaiah 40:31

“But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Jesus is our hope. When we hope and have faith in Him, He renews our strength”

Chills. If this wasn’t a sign then I didn’t know what was. I got up, and began to change my life around. Faith, is what brought me back to solid ground, reality, whatever you want to call it. I opened my heart again to God and casted away all my cares onto him. I began to cook again, the homegrown recipes my Mom taught me as a little girl. Food really became a hobby for me, and I have my Faith to thank for bringing me closer to the things and people I loved most.
Colton is now three, happy and healthy. Emil and I married in September 2019, my relationship with God couldn’t be any stronger, and I’m living my life with no fear and especially with no regret. The demons I have had to face ultimate led me to where I am today. I am thankful, and grateful to my family and God for sticking by me side during my darkest hours. Which brings us to today. I began this blog to share my experiences in hopes of helping people, showing them there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Even when you feel lost and helpless, God is with you and hears you: 

"Cast your burden upon the LORD and He will sustain you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken." Psalm 55:22

I also began this blog to share my go-to’s, tips, and tricks of all things motherhood. Along with my family craved recipes that I know you and your family will crave too! 

So you see, without Faith I wouldn’t have my Family, without my Family I would have no reason to cook Food. This is why the foundation of my blog is Faith, Family, and Food.. in that order



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